When a child is anxious about … going to a new camp

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Why do kids get anxious about change, such as a change to a new day camp or sleep away camp? Well, for the same reason that many of us adults would get anxious about any kind of major change in our lives. Think – new job, new business, new neighborhood, new home, new significant relationship, etc.

For children, going to camp is a major event in their lives. Going to a new camp? All the more so.

What can we do to mitigate the anxiety? We can write a social story that prepares the child for what’s coming.

Tip: I like to include similarities and differences between the old and the new. This way, the child might feel comfortable sooner because of the similarities.

One of my amazing moms wrote a social story for her daughter who is switching camps. She generously offered to share the book with others who might benefit from it.

Do you want a free digital copy of the book? Click here for a copy.

*Details were changed to protect the child’s privacy.

Not sure how to implement these strategies?

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Dr. Devora

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