Red Green Behavior Therapy®

RGBT’s utilization enables parents, teachers, and caretakers to effectively alleviate their children’s and students’ social and behavioral challenges using powerful, yet simple, techniques. RGBT has been developed and proliferated through a range of online workshops specifically designed for professionals as well as for parents, in-person mentoring for parents and teachers, and individualized sessions with children. This is supplemented by a variety of social skills materials such as negotiation cards and RBGT social behavior books. 


The RGBT approach is with your child from school to home, with friends and with family.

Is Red Green Behavior Therapy right for your child?

RGBT is a dynamic approach that is constantly individualized to the specific needs of every parent’s child and every teacher’s student. The experienced team, with Dr. Samet at their helm, has successfully provided results with clients aged two through adulthood presenting with the following disorders and challenges.


Executive Functioning Deficits

Oppositional Defiant Disorder

Autism Spectrum Disorders

Developmental Delays
Down Syndrome
Intellectual Disability
Language Delays
Learning Disabilities
Social Learning Disabilities
Undiagnosed Social & Behavioral Difficulties

About Dr. Devora Samet

Dr. Samet has been revolutionizing behavioral treatment for close to three decades.  She has become a world renowned leader in social skills training using her recognized approach of Red Green Behavior Therapy (RGBT), which she personally developed. Based in Brooklyn, New York, Dr. Samet is a mother of three, with both personal and professional experience.

Dr. Samet initially obtained a Masters Degree in Special Education, and began implementing her techniques with both the special ed and general ed populations. Dr. Samet has used her expertise in conjunction with parents, teachers, principals, professional educators and paraprofessionals. She has built and maintained rapport with the educational institutions in her community and beyond. Dr. Samet is currently a NYS Licensed Psychologist with a doctorate in clinical psychology. 

Dr. Samet is charismatic and professional. She has professionally trained thousands of educational professionals and parents, who are committed to implementing RGBT as an integral part of their approach of helping children acclimate to their social environment. Dr. Samet’s RGBT is highly acclaimed as simple, powerful, and effective both at home and in the classroom.

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