What is RGBT and how to teach social skills using RGBT

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What you will learn:

  • What is Red Green Behavior Therapy?
  • How to teach any social skill using RGBT
  • How to draw pictures even if you’re NOT an artist


17 reviews for What is RGBT and how to teach social skills using RGBT

  1. Francesca

    The presenter was very lively & made it very easy to follow along.

  2. Rachel

    Thank you so much! This training was great!

  3. Cassandra


  4. Meghan

    Thank you for offering this.

  5. Michael

    I found using pictures helpful and I like the green behaviors.

  6. Danielle

    It was great! Thank you!

  7. Stephanie


  8. Alexa

    Loved the drawing of the pictures. I think it will be useful especially in a Bilingual classroom.

  9. Cecelia

    I enjoyed this workshop and look forward to the next training session. I will try out everything that was taught this evening. Thank you again

  10. Chelsea

    This session was very easy to follow and provided great ideas that we can start implementing with our students tomorrow.

  11. Jamie

    This workshop was very useful for me as a kinder ABA teacher. I never thought of drawing the behaviors both negative and positive for my students .

  12. Melanie

    Thank you for offering this important workshop. Looking forward to next week.

  13. Christine

    I really found the concept of a skill based problem very helpful. It was very insightful to learn that many behaviors are connected to social skills and understanding of social skills. I like the more interactive approach that involves the visual and kinesthetic approach to teach social skills and behaviors. I thought the red/green notebook was a great idea and would be very helpful to differentiate based on students’ individual needs. I think RGBT is very helpful to use both for whole class and individual behaviors.

  14. Melanie

    I found this to be a very positive way of approaching negative behaviors. This was a very encouraging training session.

  15. Tova

    Great presenter, very skilled! The time flew!

  16. Marissa

    Outstanding and relevant presentation of resources that are practical for the use in the classroom daily.

  17. Maryellen

    Interesting and informative presenter.

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