Approaching each problem as a team effort is a fundamental philosophy of the RGBT model. Therefore, when a child is struggling, Dr. Samet can often be found training that child’s entire team of staff, including special education teachers, social workers, speech therapists, occupational therapists, program directors, and parents to implement Red Green Behavior Therapy across settings. This allows for faster and more enduring progress that will remain with the child and family.


Principals, program directors, teachers, assistants, and paraprofessionals as well as OTs, PTs, and Speech therapists are all taught how to use and implement Red Green Behavior Therapy throughout the school day. They are engaged in the team approach to incorporate the RGBT strategies whenever they work on academic, behavioral, social, and therapeutic goals.


Parents are taught how to create structure and routines in their homes. They are given ideas for creative reward systems that take into account the fact that households are busy places. Additionally, parents may have other children who need to be attended to, and as such, the program will have reasonable expectations for parents. Parents are shown how to maintain and generalize skills that were taught in school. 

Social Skills Groups

Red Green Behavior Therapy is a dynamic system that allows for innovation and improvement in classroom settings. This can be reflected in a classroom with general education or special education students. The group environment provides each child the opportunity to learn preventive and proactive social skills such as friendship building, anti-bullying, assertiveness training, and so forth.

Individual Therapy

With individual therapy, an educator or professional works one-on-one with a child to introduce social and behavioral concepts weekly or bi-weekly, as necessary. At the same time, the RGBT staff provides personalized guidance and instruction to parents and school staff who care for the child on a daily basis to ensure maintenance and generalization of skills.


       Brooklyn Location: 

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