When a Child has no Patience to Wait!

(1-minute read)

When a child has no patience to wait and wants things NOW, you can show them the above drawing to explain the red and green of waiting patiently vs. I want it NOW!!!

Most importantly, once the skill has been taught, you can make the green behavior become a habit by constantly reinforcing (via praise and rewards) when the child waits patiently.

Sample Praise:

  • I like how you are waiting patiently.
  • I know it was hard to wait until I finished the call, but you didn’t interrupt me the entire time. I really appreciate it.
  • You saw that I was busy and you waited quietly. Thank you.
  • Thanks for waiting so nicely.
  • You’ve gotten so much better at waiting patiently. Good for you!

Have a sunny week and an enjoyable holiday break!


Dr. Devora

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