“Breaking the Disrespectful Cycle part 3”

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Hi All,

Here are some final thoughts on working with students who do not respect authority figures, such as teachers, principals, parents, and so forth.

In summary, we talked about the importance of teaching skills such as respectful vs. disrespectful and emotion regulation tools.

We also discussed the importance of setting clear boundaries and expectations using an assertive tone of voice.

Finally, when students continue to be disrespectful despite the above efforts, we need to follow through with consequences, such as losing privileges or facing disciplinary action at school or home. It’s important to be consistent with consequences and to follow through with them every time.

A 13-year-old student of mine recently mocked his principal and announced to the class that he was not scared of the principal within moments after the principal spoke to the class about the dangers of using a hoverboard without a helmet. He essentially undermined the principal’s authority in front of his 27 classmates.

Several hours later, he grabbed a basketball and banged it on a tutor’s head after getting annoyed at the tutor. The teacher had called the mom to report both incidents.

I was both saddened and appalled to hear what had happened at school! Despite this student’s improvement in the last two months since we started working together, he now displayed an attitude of being above the law and that rules don’t apply to him! My suggestion was to make the student lose his hoverboard privileges for a week for the mockery, and two more weeks for the physical violence. He needed a strong immediate consequence to let him know that he is not above the law, and that his actions will have strong repercussions.

Real life dishes out natural consequences, especially for defiance and disrespect. I’d rather a child learn this truism in his youth, than suffer far greater consequences in his adulthood.

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    Have an uplifting week!


    Dr. Devora

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