Preparing kids for camp!

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Here is a social story to prepare students for summer camp. Feel free to share and reuse.

Tip: Read the social story repeatedly to your child or student over the next few days and weeks, and when you see the green behaviors now or over the summer, praise the student for doing the greens.

How to get myself accepted into camp…

My name is Yanky. I just celebrated my 10th birthday. I love Camp Rayim. I like it because all my friends are there. They also have great trips and activities, especially night activity.

What do I need to work on so that I get myself accepted into camp? Also, what must I keep remembering so that I can stay there all summer?

Here are some reds and greens that can make the difference.

Quit a game because of the ref vs. Use my words to the ref

Being a sore loser vs. Being a sport

Getting stuck vs. Going with the flow

Fighting with kids vs. Getting along

Arguing with adults/staff vs. Accepting No for an answer

Screaming vs. Calm voice

Escalating a problem vs. Making the problem smaller

Breaking camp rules vs. Respecting camp rules 

Yelling at kids vs. Gentle voice 

Being in the wrong place at the wrong time vs. Being in the right place at the right time

Not following directions vs. Following directions

Touching people vs. Hands to myself

By following camp rules, it’ll be pleasant for me and pleasant for my bunkmates, counselors, and camp staff. I look forward to having an awesome summer!

Enjoy the last few days of the current school year!


Dr. Devora

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