A Great End-of-School-Year Activity

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Here is a great activity you can do now as the school year ends. This helps children develop emotional awareness and reduces the likelihood of them acting out because of their emotions.

The technique is called “Emotion Web.” Have your child or student list ALL of their emotions about a given topic. The sample below is about the end of the school year. But if your child gets anxious about sleep-away camp, you can make an Emotion Web about going to sleep-away camp.

Tip:¬†There are no right or wrong emotions. All Emotions are welcome! Don’t admonish kids for stating negative emotions such as, “I hate when my married siblings come because I have to do all the cleaning and they don’t help out at all.” Just listen and acknowledge it. They’re more likely to list a positive emotion sometime thereafter such as, “I enjoy when they come because it’s fun and there’s action.”

Here are some more topic ideas:


  • Finishing elementary or high school
  • Starting a new high school
  • My mother is having/had a baby
  • My sister is getting/got married
  • When my new brother-in-law comes to visit us
  • When we share Grandma’s home with our cousins over the summer in Deal, NJ
  • When the couples move in on Shabbos in our bungalow/summer home
  • When I have to babysit my nieces and nephews
  • Etc.

Have a lovely and enjoyable summer!


Dr. Devora

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