I give you permisson…

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My plan was to send an email last week Monday, and my message was going to be that…

I give you permission to take care of yourself.

Take the time off to do something nice for yourself, especially when the kids have off and the schedule is less pressuring as there is no bus to catch, homework to do, work to show up for, and so forth.

There’s a famous quote by Joyce Sunada, “If you don’t make time for your wellness, you will be forced to make time for your illness.”

Anyway, to make a long story short, I should have heeded that message, too.

I ended up having to take a break to give myself time to recover. B”h I’m just about back to myself.

So, to all the mothers, fathers, teachers, and professionals, give yourself a little time off, too. Some schools are back on schedule, but some schools are still in middle of mid-winter break, or planning a 2-day break shortly. Treat yourself well so that you can come back more refreshed and rejuvenated for your children and students. Everyone will thank you!

Do you want more ideas for creating visual schedules? Not sure how to teach the Reds and Greens? Watch the video clips using the links above. Each video is super clear, and gives you great ideas that you can implement immediately.

Have a rejuvenating week!


Dr. Devora

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