DWW and DDWD. Huh??

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Some people who took my training years back might remember this one:

DWW and DDWD. So what exactly is that??

DWW is an acronym for “Do What Works,” and DDWD is for “Don’t Do What Doesn’t.”

When we deal with children, there is no ‘one size fits all.’ What works for 99 kids, might not work for 3 other ones. Therefore, it is important to remember DWW and DDWD.

True, most children like chocolate and candy. So if we need a quick, powerful reward, we sometimes offer tiny, cut up sweets in very challenging cases. But some kids don’t like chocolate and candy. They prefer pickles and hot peppers. Guess what we’re cutting up into little pieces for those kids? Savory and spicy green pickles and red hot or banana peppers.

Similarly, per last week’s suggestion, some kids with social anxiety or selective mutism will respond very well to, “I love your brave voice.” But some of these kids will be mortified if their social interaction is highlighted as they are afraid of being caught in the social spotlight. In those cases, “DDWD!” Don’t compliment them on that. Find something else to praise them for instead.

Exciting News!! The training videos are up and running. Look out for an email that lists the topics for each workshop video. During the Nine Days when traveling and trips are limited for some people, it is a perfect time to get some training to enhance your skills.

Have a fun and educational week!


Dr. Devora


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