Combating Shyness: 3 More Strategies For When a Child is “Shy”

Here are three more quick tips for a child whom some might describe as “shy.

  1. Instead of excusing the child that he is shy, ask, “Are you feeling uncomfortable?” We all do things that are uncomfortable, and talking to people, despite the discomfort, is something we need to do regardless.
  2. When the child does answer a question he was asked, say, “ I love your brave voice.” This reinforces bravery and overcoming discomfort. Thanks to Miriam Schiff, SLP, MS Ed, for suggesting this strategy!
  3. Here’s another strategy that was sent in by an experienced teacher who has tried it numerous times successfully. If a child is “uncomfortable” or struggling academically, and she is usually afraid to raise her hand and participate in class, the teacher identifies what the child definitely knows well and arranges with the child ahead of time to be called on in class during the class review. This way, the child knows that she knows it, is prepared to be called on, and can have a positive experience participating during a lesson or review. When she answers correctly, the teacher praises her the same way she praises the rest of the class. Icing on the cake would be to call or text the student’s mom and let her know that her child did very well during the class review so that the mom can reinforce classroom participation when her child gets home.

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Dr. Devora

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