“Breaking the Disrespectful Cycle” Part 2

                                                             (2 Minute Read)                                                              We are addressing once again a student (10 years or older) who doesn’t respect authority, including principals, teachers, and parents. What is another important strategy to break the disrespectful cycle?

Strategy #2:
Speak assertively, not passively nor aggressively.
What does that mean practically? It’s about three factors:

1. Choice of words
2. Tone of voice
3. Body language

Choice of words:
1 “I don’t think you should be here,” (passive) vs. “You cannot be here.” (assertive)
2. “You really shouldn’t buy these donuts,” (passive) vs. “You have no permission to buy these donuts.” (assertive)

Tone of Voice:

1 “Let me know when you finish the page. OK?” (sing song passive tone) vs. “Let me know when you finish the page.” (assertive tone)
2. “I want you to do your homework. Alright?” (sing song passive tone) vs. “I need you to do your homework.” (assertive tone)

Body language:

1. Tilting one’s head when making a request (passive), vs. head straight (assertive)
2. Slightly slouching forward (passive) vs. tall back/straight posture (assertive)

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    Have a pleasant week!


    Dr. Devora

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