A second-degree burn or a broken ankle, which would you choose?

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This past Friday, as I was rushing up a short staircase with a boiling hot pot of chicken soup, my foot got caught in my long, ankle-length skirt and I started losing my balance. I had to make a split-second decision… Drop the pot to catch myself from falling, or put the pot down as gently as possible on the staircase and risk injuring my foot.

My heart was pounding. My brain was racing. I had to make a quick decision. The problem was even more frightening because my son is getting married next week in Israel iy”h and I was imagining myself traveling and going to the wedding with either a burn or crutches.

My problem-solving gears kicked in.

Hot soup pot straight off the fire = second degree burn all over my body as the scalding oily liquid splattered all over me.

Falling and tripping = sprain or broken ankle.

I had to decide quickly. Really quickly. I chose…. to fall. Yes, I’m a bit bruised up, my foot is swollen, but the x-ray showed it was a sprain. Baruch Hashem it was only that!

Do you remember the 4 Steps To Problem-Solve?

I often tell teachers and parents that although it is much easier to give solutions to kids instead of making them problem-solve, we’re not helping them in the long run. Yes, it takes time to practice problem solving. But eventually, it becomes second nature. It is a very worthwhile investment.

I’ve been asked, “What is Bedtime Resistance?” In short, it is about children having problems with bedtime. It is when kids don’t want to go to bed, keep coming out, wake up in middle of the night, or wake up super early, say 4 in the morning. It makes parents anxious, angry, and depressed.

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