Can you actually teach someone to stop forgetting?

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The school year has started for real, and some kids need to develop some good habits quickly.

For example…

One of my students kept forgetting to bring her notebook to sessions. Another student forgot her eyeglasses on her nightstand and then complained that she couldn’t see the whiteboard. Finally, another kid left her homework on the dining room table and it never made it to class.

Can you teach kids to remember?
Yes, you can!!

What to do?? Use the Six Steps To Teach Any Social Skill

1. Label the reds and greens: Forgetting and Remembering
2. Draw a picture: such as the sample above
3. Model: Do a little skit for the student in which you sometimes remember and sometimes forget. (You can role play the picture above.)
4. Practice: Have the student practice the skit herself. Actually, have her do the red once or twice, and the green five times!
5. Reinforce: Give checks, tickets, or praise for Remembering!
6. Correct: When the child forgets, do a Positive Practice in which the child has to practice remembering (5-10 times) what she tends to forget.

Do you have any questions about this skill or strategy? Call, text, WhatsApp, or email us and we’ll be happy to explain it more.


Dr Devora 

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