Going crazy when your child keeps coming out of bed?

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Hi, Do you know someone whose child keeps coming out of bed again and again? First for a drink, then for a hug, then for the bathroom, and then for another drink, hug, bathroom visit, and kiss… It can drive parents a little (or a lot) bananas!
The good news is that there are evidence-based, practical solutions to bedtime resistance.
Once again, one of my favorite professors, Dr. Camilo Ortiz, will be presenting a training in our community on this important topic. His last training (on Encopresis) was a smashing success and participants couldn’t get enough of his extensive knowledge, experience, and expertise.

Sign up today for an online workshop on Bedtime Resistance Solutions!

This workshop is for parents and professionals who want to learn about simple, yet highly effective ways to treat bedtime problems.

Looking forward to see you at the training!

Dr. Devora Samet

P.S. Once again, I have first-hand experience knowing that the treatments work. A few short years ago, I worked under Dr. Ortiz’s supervision at the Long Island University Psychological Services Clinic where we implemented some of these bedtime approaches. Read more about this new training in 4 weeks!

P. P. S. Have an easy and meaningful fast 🙂

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