Summertime Skills

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Now that the summer is upon us and children have the opportunity to socialize just about ALL DAY in the bungalow colonies upstate (or in day camp downstate or Deal or Jersey or wherever), it can get sticky amongst kids.

One of my “little friends” was kind enough to tell me what typically happens in her bungalow colony among the girls her age (9-11 year olds). For example, girls insult each other, make hurtful comments, laugh at others, fight with hands and feet, exclude certain kids, and yell at each other.

As parents and social skills educators, we can teach children how to get along with others by breaking down the interpersonal skills into individual behaviors.

Using the 6-step model of RGBT (label, picture, model, practice, reinforce, correct), kids can learn better green alternatives.

Here is our list of Reds and Greens for the bungalow colony:

Hurting kids vs. calm hands

Yelling vs. using feeling words

Laughing at someone vs. laughing with someone

Mocking vs. caring about feelings

Fighting vsgetting along

Saying bad words vs. saying kind words

Excluding vs. including

Pushing someone vs. hands to myself

Insulting vs. complimenting

Wishing you peace of mind during your summer vacation!


Dr. Devora

Our training videos are almost up and running! We had to fix a couple of techno glitches but they’re getting straightened out. We will have separate workshops available for parents and for professionals packed with fabulous ideas and strategies for each.

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