When a child nags and nags and nags……

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What do you do when a child nags and nags and nags and nags and nags?
You have several options here. First, you can draw a red and green picture demonstrating the behaviors of red“nagging” and green“asking once and accepting ‘No’ for an answer.”

Did you know…u
This picture was taken straight out of one of my student’s notebooks. As you can tell, it doesn’t require too much artistic skill, as long as you can draw stick figures made out of circles and triangles.

Second, you can let the child know that you will answer the question up to three times that day, and thereafter you will not answer the question again until the next day. When you answer the first three times, you can empathically validate the child and let him know how much he really wants it, and that you really wish he could have it, AND that the answer is unfortunately “No.”
Third, you can write a red green social story… but that’s for another blog.

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