When a child is ungrateful…

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What do you do when you give your child a Chanukah gift, and before you know it, she is already complaining and unhappy about it?
How about showing the child the difference between “Showing Appreciation” and “Being Ungrateful”? Here is a red and green picture that depicts it clearly. (Step #2 of RGBTTM)

In this case, we would teach that “Showing Appreciation is green and “Being ungrateful” is red. (Step #1 of RGBTTM)

Now a quick game to practice the skill:

To practice the skill (Step #4), play a game in which you take turns with your child or student and pretend to give little gifts/things (a pencil, eraser, marker, etc.) to each other. Sometimes you act ungrateful and sometimes you show appreciation. You each take turns guessing if you did the red or green behavior, and you also explain why it was red or green.

Praise and reward the child for guessing and explaining correctly!
Have a Happy Chanukah and a marvelous week!!!


Dr Devora

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