When a child asks irrelevant questions in class

(One minute read)

What can you do when a child keeps asking irrelevant questions or makes irrelevant comments in class or at the Shabbos table? What if you’ve already told them nicely, maybe 125 times, that “we’re not talking about that right now!”
Per Red Green Behavior TherapyTM, we believe that if a behavior happens repeatedly, perhaps a skill or concept might be lacking. In that case, teach it! Don’t keep reminding or reprimanding as it doesn’t work.

In this case, we would teach that “Relevant” is green and “Irrelevant” is red. (Step #1 of RGBTTM) Here is a picture explaining the concept. (Step #2 of RGBTTM) Since a picture can explain abstract concepts more vividly, even 5- and 6-year-olds can be taught relevant vs. irrelevant!

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