Traveling with kids for Pesach?

                                                                  (Two minute read)

Traveling with children can be quite a hassle, (unless your kids are angels). Btw, very few kids really are. However, we can prepare them for the trip so that their anxiety is alleviated and they know what to expect.
Here is a social behavior story you can use (or modify as necessary) with your kids or students. For younger children, I create a mini-book with the same information, but it’s broken up into many pages along with pictures to enhance the story.



      • Read the social behavior story every day or so, until the day of the trip.

      • On the way to the airport, ask the children to remind you of 3 things that will happen at the airport. Then, praise and reward them for remembering.

      • Make a game out of the airport experience. Say, “We just got to the airport. Who knows what we’re gonna do now?” (go to the check-in line) “And what are we gonna do on the check-in line?” (wait on that line), etc.

      • Keep praising the kids for being calm and cooperative at the airport and on the airplane. Praise is probably one of the most powerful, free parenting tools we can use!!

    Happy cleaning and Pesach prepping!


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