Another strategy to increase eye contact…

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Strategy #2

Here’s a great strategy from one of our fellow blog members!

“I actually have a great method to teach eye contact naturally. It takes time, but the results are worthwhile.

When I have a client who doesn’t make eye contact, I don’t give him any response, praise, or feedback, and we can’t move on to the next example until he gives me proper eye contact. I don’t use any verbal prompting whatsoever.

It is fascinating to watch that after a couple of days or weeks of consistently doing this, the child starts giving me eye contact and references to me. Hatzlacha!”

Thank you, Shaindy B., for sharing this!

By the way, once a child knows that “making eye contact” is green, and “looking away” is red, the strategy above really works, especially for children who are on the autistic spectrum or who have some ASD features! That’s because the child quickly figures out that the only way he will get any attention from the adult is by making eye contact.
Have a successful week!

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