Sample Behavior Chart

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Several years ago, I created this chart for a 7th grader who did all the reds above!! She had difficulties in many areas. She was annoying to her siblings, kept away from her peers, didn’t know how to keep herself busy in a productive manner, didn’t help much at home, and had a disinterested, ungrateful attitude toward all the therapists and tutors working with her. (Poor girl. She had to work really really hard. I get her…)

But I am so glad her parents persisted and DID NOT GIVE UP!

(I continued working with her until December of 9th grade.)

Although I’d love to call my old students and their parents to hear how they’re doing, I cannot do it since it is red behavior from a professional standpoint. Therefore, I am so grateful when parents reach out to me and give me updates!

What happened to the student above? She is graduating high school as a star student this year! “Miss Popular” has friends over all the time now, and is enjoyed by her siblings and her parents. After tasting success, she started working hard academically, too, and succeeded beyond my wildest imagination. I have the utmost respect for this young lady!!!

Tip: Any of the above red and green behaviors that my student didn’t understand or know how to do, I taught it carefully using the 6 Steps: Label, picture, model, practice, reinforce, correct.

If you want this chart, email me and I’ll be happy to send you the Word doc version so you can edit it for your own use.

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