Huh? A Parental Bill of Rights?

In the last week alone, I shared this sheet with parents almost daily, and sometimes even three times a day!

Our children learn our values from the rules we create and live by, and from the seriousness and assertiveness with which we convey these rules. Sometimes, when kids are being “difficult,” it’s because they don’t know our rules or they don’t think they need to follow them.


1. Review these rules and ask yourself which ones you wish to keep and which ones you’d like to discard.
2. Hang up your revised list in your home and discuss them with your kids.
3. Ask them why each rule is important both for the well-being of the home as well as for themselves.
4. Using behavioral strategies (specific praise, tickets, rewards, consequences, etc.) reinforce your rules.

Is your child getting ABA services? Are you satisfied with the behavioral tech’s skills?
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Have a fabulous week!

Dr. Devora

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