How to draw Red & Green solutions for “I’m Bored”

Last week’s email focused on teaching kids to self-occupy using a sample poster with a variety of activities on each.

This week, there’s another “picture” (step #2 of the RGBT 6-step process) depicting a child’s thought process of doing both the reds and greens.

These pictures are mostly stick-figure art, which most people already know how to do. (Ok, I’ll admit. I found a pic of toys and pasted it in.)


Act out the Green-Red-Green using puppets or simply yourself, and have the child do the same immediately thereafter. Videotape the child doing the Green-Red-Green to make it even more fun! Then praise and reward the child for generalizing the skill when she’s REALLY bored on a Sunday afternoon.

Have a busy-with-good-things week!


Dr. Devora

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