Cheat Sheet for Strong Emotions

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Solutions for my thoughts, feelings, sensations, urges, and actions

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When I teach a class of students, I ask the kids to fill out a Reflection sheet at the end of each class, which gives me feedback from each of the students. On the Reflection sheet, they may ask me any question they wish to ask and I try my best to answer them at the start of the next class.

Here are some of the questions I recently got:

Student 1: How can I control my actions?

Student 2: How can I control my urges?

Student 3: What if I can’t control my feelings?

I’ve been teaching the students CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) strategies to help them with a variety of concerns that both the teachers and students brought to my attention.

I created this Cheat Sheet that I will be teaching the class this week. Yes, it is for fourth and fifth grade students, and Yes, I will slowly teach them each of the skills on the Cheat Sheet. I already taught them several of the strategies, but I want to give them a global picture of the many strategies that are available to them, especially when they try one technique and it doesn’t work for them. I want the students to have hope that there are solutions to their difficulties and challenges.

Do you want more ideas for using positive strategies to change behavior? Not sure how to teach the Reds and Greens? Watch the video clips using the links above. Each video is super clear, and gives you great ideas that you can implement immediately.

Have a thoughtful week!


Dr. Devora

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