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One of my new high school students told me this week that she’s traveling with several of her high school cousins during the upcoming Chol Hamoed Holiday for an extended trip.

In the past, she noticed that her cousins disregarded her and even mistreated her. Understandably, she was worried it would happen again.

She told me that she thinks that they don’t like her.

Since I haven’t seen her interact directly with her peers (aside from the one-time school observation that I did as part of the behavioral/social skills evaluation), I reviewed the notes that her teachers wrote about her in which they described her unpleasant and annoying behavior in class and with peers. (I imagine that if she does certain behaviors with her peers at school, she probably does them with her cousins as well.)

Fortunately, she understood that her annoying behavior might be pushing her cousins away. Therefore, we came up with this list of red and green behaviors so that she can be mindful to be a pleasant companion. We also practiced each of the behaviors briefly to make sure she understands what each means.

I’ll find out after the chag how her trip was and I’ll keep you posted!

Due to Popular Demand – Look out for two new workshop series after Yomtov.

1. The first will be a continuation and a deeper dive on helping kids whose strong feelings get them out of control. (Many of you wanted MORE strategies for those difficult moments. I totally get that!)
2. The second series will be Social Skills Training for parents who wish to teach their child social skills instead of sending their child to a social skills coach or therapist. You can save lots of money by learning the skills and doing it yourself!

Have a beautiful chag and may it be peaceful and joyous for your entire family!


Dr. Devora

P.S. Blogs will resume after the holiday.

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