When a super creative mom makes a school behavior chart

(30-second read)
After completing a school evaluation recently and deciding that a school behavior chart might be very helpful, I showed a lovely mom some sample behavior charts and asked her if she’d have the time to make one for her son’s school staff. She readily agreed.
I did not expect it to look this pretty. In fact, my charts are typically much simpler – just a list of red and green behaviors based on the needs of the environment, whether it is for home or school.

But this mom is super creative and quick. She got it done in no time and her son’s 2nd grade teacher and rebbe have been using the chart below daily since. (I am super grateful to both the rebbe and teacher as it takes extra time and effort to fill it out each day! Kudos to them!!)

Do you want a sample of this Red Green behavior chart in Word doc so you can use it or modify it? Email us here and we’ll be happy to send you a copy. And thanks to the mom who shared it so generously!

Have a fabulous week!

Dr. Devora

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