What would you like to see in the mini-book “Shimon’s Pesach Adventure?

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Hi All,

I am writing a mini-behavior book on the topic of preparing for Pesach and the Seder Night. I’d like to share it with all of you before yomtov so that you can read it with your children and students. I’m inviting all our blog members to share the concerns that they’d like to be addressed in this mini-book.

For example, one of my past mini-books reminds children about the schedule of Erev Yomtov – the day before the holiday actually starts. Many parents want children to know that they need to wake up early despite that there’s no school, finish eating chametz in time, take a nap in the afternoon, etc.

Let me know some of the red problems that you’ve experienced in previous years over the yomtov and I’ll make sure to include the green expectations in the mini-book.

I wish that the book talks about…

Thanks in advance for participating in this project!


Dr. Devora

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