How to get kids to remember all the Reds and Greens

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My professor Rabbi Dr. Yosef Glanz recently taught me a memory strategy. It happens to work fabulously well with RGBT.

By the way, it can be used to help kids (and adults) remember ANYTHING they wish to remember. And of course, I have been applying this memory strategy to help kids learn social skills better and faster. (If you’re already using these strategies successfully but didn’t know how powerful they are, now you know…)

The memory strategy is C-A-R:

C – Colorful

A – Action-oriented

R – Ridiculous

How do you get kids to learn lots of social skills in a short time?

  1. Make your pictures COLORFUL.
  2. Do puppet shows or skits for each of the red and green behaviors so that the behavioral concepts are ACTION-ORIENTED.
  3. Especially when you draw, model, and practice the reds, make them all RIDICULOUSLY funny.

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