How to avoid frustration

What is a great source of frustration when it comes to helping our children?

In short, of the five important ingredients, ingredient #4 is Resources.

When there is a lack of it, it leads to frustration.

Resources includes time, money, and access to professionals. For example, the child’s or parent’s schedule is so tight that they can’t fit in therapy. Or the family cannot afford expert help. Or a highly recommended professional is not available. Or the family lives in a remote area and there isn’t a selection of therapists to access.

Despite the parents’ best intentions, the right help is out of reach, which leads to a great deal of frustration.

The ingredient of “resources” can be a difficult one to manage. Sometimes it requires that we re-prioritize goals and decide whether to make time or set aside money for a specific therapy or not. Sometimes it means reducing one type of therapy temporarily to make another type of therapy possible. I know parents who made the extremely difficult decision of moving to a new city or country where services were more accessible.

It’s important to recognize the source of frustration and try to problem-solve it as best as possible. And sometimes we have to accept that the limitation is real and we can only do the best we can.

Have a stress-free week!

Dr. Devora

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