Help! The overnight trip should be successful

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One of my amazing moms wrote this social story for her son last year before major trip. Her son saved it and pulled it out before this year’s major trip as he needed some reminders again. She graciously gave me permission to share it with our fellow parents and professionals.

Feel free to reuse it or tweak it for your child or student.

My name is Moshe. I am 11 years old. I go to FDC, the best day camp ever!

Next week Wednesday, I have my first overnight trip. I’m excited because I have been waiting for this for a long time. However, because I did some serious red behaviors in camp recently, my behavior needs to be super green going forward in order to enjoy the privilege of going on an overnight trip.

When I go on the overnight, I will try to remember to do the following:

#1 Go to bed when I’m told even if the other boys are acting up.

#2 Control myself not to act wild or be hyper.

#3 Not complain about things I don’t like; I’ll rather show appreciation.

#4 Be careful not to bother campers and staff; I’ll respect their space.

#5 Not take advantage of the bathroom; I’ll use it fast and let others have a turn, too.

#6 Follow the rules and instructions for each the place we visit.

#7 Not wander off or go places without permission; I’ll stay with my bunk.

#8 Not talk back or be disrespectful to my counselors or JC; I’ll try to be respectful at all times.

#9 Not get up too early in the morning unless I have permission; I’ll stay quietly in bed until wake up time.

#10 Thank my counselors for letting me come, and make them happy and proud of me!

If I don’t do these green behaviors and do the reds instead, my consequence might be that I will get banned from the next trip this summer, and maybe even next year’s overnight. I might even get thrown out of camp. The camp needs to make sure that I’m safe, but if I do red, unsafe behavior, they won’t want to take responsibility for me and won’t let me participate in fun activities.

If I listen and do the green behaviors, then I will earn trust and I’ll be able to go on all trips this summer, including next year’s overnight. Also, my mom will reward me by letting me walk home with Leah, which I love doing. I look forward to doing the greens and enjoying the privileges that come along with it.


Dr Devora

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