Getting kids to focus on feelings

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So how many times should we remind our students and children to do routine tasks?

Last week, I mentioned that we should teach, not preach. Constant reminders come across as preaching. They usually don’t go over so well in the long run. They also make kids become dependent on the adults instead of remembering to do things on their own.

Therefore, if we’ve done a good job teaching the steps in a routine, the next solution is usually a visual reminder of all the steps in the routine. The child can look at the visual reminder whenever she wants to remember what to do and how to do it. And then you can give ZERO reminders. All you need to do is praise and reward the child for remembering to do the items on the checklist “independently.”

One of my paras created this small chart that sits on her second grade student’s desk. It reminds the student the Green expectations for different parts of the day. I love it because “the chart” serves as a reminder instead of the para or teacher having to be the constant reminder.

Thank you Chani for letting me share your chart!!

The student’s actual desk with the visual reminders pasted on the right top corner.

Note the check chart on the left side of the desk. The student earns checks throughout the day for independently remembering to do the green behaviors.

Have a rewarding week!


Dr. Devora

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