Choose the Situation/setting That Will Lead to Success

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What is another way to “Choose the Situation/Setting” that will lead to success?

An 8-year-old girl has been bullying children on the bus, and the standard warnings and conversations with this student have not stopped the bullying.


The 8-year-old girl loses the privilege of going on the bus thereby

preempting the bullying problem on the bus as she is no longer in that situation or setting. (She needs to find another way to get to and from

school until the school can rest assured that all children on the bus will be safe from her bullying.) In the interim, we work with the 8-year-old to address the cause of the bullying and we teach her the social skills she needs in order to have healthier interactions with her peers. As soon as

she commits to respecting the hearts and bodies of all students on the bus, and her actions are reflecting a change in attitude and behavior, she is allowed on the bus again on a trial basis.


Dr Devora

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