14 Ideas for initiating “play.”

Last week, we posted the social skills concept of “Initiating vs. Waiting for others” and included a sample Red and Green picture that depicts the skill. We requested ideas for ways children typically initiate in your community.

Here are some of your ideas! This list is for initiating “play.”

Now that you have this list, how do you get kids to use it?

  1. I typically take turns reading this list with a child or student and asking him how his friends initiate. Or, I observe his peers to see how they initiate.
  2. Super important! PUT WORDS IN THE CHILD’S MOUTH. In other words, tell your child or student what to say. Give him the actual words. Have him practice saying it.
  3. Do role-plays in which you pretend that you’re playing with a group of kids and your child wants to join. Have him practice saying the words you just put into his mouth until he gets comfortable saying it.
  4. Reward your child or student for trying it in real life with his friends and neighbors.
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