How to NOT get expelled from camp this summer!

Here’s a Red and Green social behavior story to help kids who have a history of misbehaving in camp and would like to continue enjoying the privilege of attending summer camp.

How can I have a successful camp experience this summer?

My name is Yisroel. I am 13 years old. I go to Camp Agudah Southeast. I love camp and I would like to go there every summer. I almost did not get accepted to camp this summer. What do I need to do in order to be able to stay in camp all summer and be invited again next year?

  1. I need to build a good reputation. What is a reputation? It is the opinion that other people have of someone. How do I build a good reputation? The more I do green behaviors and avoid reds, the more people will think of me as a good, cooperative, responsible camper.
  2. I need to remember that I’m on probation. What is probation? It means that my behavior is being watched with a magnifying glass. That means that every time I do even a tiny red behavior, the camp will likely make a big deal about it. Yes, it feels horrible and unfair, but that’s what happens when someone already has a bad reputation from misbehaving the previous summer.

What are some of the green behaviors I should be doing in camp?

  • Following camp rules!
  • Waking up on time
  • Attending Shachris, Mincha, and Maariv on time
  • Joining all camp activities
  • Respecting property
  • Keeping hands and feet to myself
  • Using my words if I’m really upset about something or someone
  • Respecting the feelings of my fellow campers

What are some cherry red behaviors that will get me expelled from camp instantly?

  • Sneaking out of camp without permission
  • Sneaking into the pool when a lifeguard is not there
  • Touching other kids’ private body parts
  • Accessing inappropriate content and/or exposing other kids to inappropriate content using technology that is off-limits in camp

I will try to remember to do the green behaviors as much as possible so that I will slowly build a good reputation this summer. This way, I will no longer be on probation next summer, especially since the camp will view me as a good, cooperative, responsible camper who is a pleasure to have in camp!! I look forward to becoming a STAR CAMPER!!

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