How do I teach my child to have an organized knapsack?

If your child needs to learn how to have an organized knapsack, the following are some of the skills he may need to learn. Typically, the disorganized knapsack features the red behaviors below, and your child might need to learn their green counterparts.


  • every paper has a home
  • homework in homework folder
  • supplies in supply bag
  • tall books in back, short books in front
  • zip up your pockets
  • crumbs and dirt in the garbage can


  • stuffing papers all over
  • homework in reading folder
  • supplies at the bottom of briefcase
  • tall and short books mixed up
  • letting things fly out of pocket
  • crumbs and dirt in the knapsack

Additionally, he may need to learn to put garbage in the garbage can instead of leaving it in his knapsack. He may need to color code his folders in order to put papers in the right compartment.

It is important to remember that just because organization skills come naturally to you, doesn’t mean that your child has those skills, too.

Break down the precise skills the child needs to learn, and teach each one individually. Use the red and green list above to get you started!

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