2021: A Year of Social Connection and Social Closeness

Can’t believe that 2020 is finally over! What a year!

May the need for physical distancing end very soon, and may social closeness and social connection be the rule for 2021!!

To that end, and to start with the best of energies this 2021, I want to give every parent and educator a chance to enjoy and use one of our very popular products. The NEGOTIATION cards are one of the magic tools that teach children how to successfully navigate social closeness and social connection by learning how to negotiate with each other when there are differences or fighting.

Try it for FREE!

This FREE downloadable version is our way of saying Thank You to YOU for being there for your child/student during this wild year of 2020!

Here’s a link to watch a video clip of two children using the negotiation cards.

The Seven Negotiation Skills:

  1. Split the time.
  2. Split the item.
  3. Let’s play together.
  4. Let’s take turns.
  5. Let’s trade.
  6. I want it for one minute and then you can keep it.
  7. Give in.
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